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On being distinguished: a story about an 'influential lawyer'
published on Fri, 07 Sep 2012 05:53
I first heard I was among The Times ‘Top 100 Lawyers’ on Twitter. I don’t read the paper, in fact have always treated it as a polemical tract only lightly disguised by learning, so I might never have known. (Not many of my friends read the paper either.) But there I was, my eleven letters and space among the 140 characters in an enthusiastic Tweet. One of the ‘Top 100’? I was excited, ... [read more]
published on Mon, 13 Aug 2012 16:45
DO AS I SAY NOT AS I DO: HYPOCRISY AND HUMAN RIGHTS Shortly before he became Prime Minister, David Cameron launched the Conservative Party’s Annual Human Rights Report. In it the Party called in exemplary fashion for an increase in human rights protection around the world. Introducing the Party leader, a young man from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (a former child soldier) praised the ... [read more]
published on Mon, 18 Jun 2012 17:53
Conor Gearty, Liberty and Security (Polity Press, forthcoming) All aspire to liberty and security in their lives but few people truly enjoy them. This book explains why this is so. In what Gearty calls our 'neo-democratic' world, the proclamation of universal liberty and security is mocked by facts on the ground: the vast inequalities in supposedly free societies; the authoritarian regimes with ... [read more]
Reflections on last night's law night at Occupy LSX
published on Tue, 21 Feb 2012 07:26
The discussion at Occupy LSX last night was about the role of law in seeking to change the way we understand the society in which we find ourselves. Interestingly there was far less cynicism about law that there would have been twenty years ago. The excellent David Allen Green produced an anthem to law-adherence which was applauded rather than booed down (as it might have been not so long ago). ... [read more]
Reflections on yesterday's ruling on the St Paul's Protest
published on Thu, 19 Jan 2012 07:26
All flourishing Christian organisations need to steer a careful course between mammon and morality. On the one hand there is the wealth, power and influence that flow out of such success, especially if it is millennia old (as with the Roman Catholic church) or backed by the state (as with Anglicanism): how can one bite the hand that feeds one if the food is so good and one’s corpulent body now ... [read more]
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